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EUV | The power of collaboration

Susanne van der Velden • 7 April, 2021

I also regret the fact that this year the Hannover Messe will be only digital. However I am very much looking forward to the Smart Industry contribution. In this webinar Peter Wennink (CEO ASML), Dr. Karl Lamprecht (President and CEO ZEISS Group) and Dr. Peter Leibinger (CTO Trumpf) have a discussion with Mona Keijzer Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and host Ineke Dezentjé Hamming-Bleumink (President FME en Smart Industry) about the collective success of EUV.

When we discuss key technologies EUV is one of the most strategic keys we hold when it comes to technology. One that provides Europe with a central position in an ever more technological and digital world. It is the technology we need to produce more affordable, efficient, powerful and smaller chips. Whether we are talking AI, 5G, Blockchain or IoT, it is chips we need.

Another technology to do that than EUV is not available at the moment and ASML is the only company capable of translating this technology into a working system. Additionally there is only a few companies (mainly Samsung and TSMC) that can apply these systems in a working operating process, actually producing the chips we all need.

I have been studying ASML, and more specific EUV, for over 8 years now. For me there are some special characteristics in this case. First and foremost the guts it takes to keep on investing in a technology for over 20 years before it reaches market, and to fight for it with everything you have as an organization and ecosystem to make it happen. This while competitors didn’t dare to continue any longer over ten years ago.

But just as remarkable is the power of the European ecosystems that helped to make it happen. EUV finds its R&D origins in the USA and Japan, and despite huge investments of these countries in the early days of EUV, they did not have the stamina to bring it to the market. While the European networks continues to puzzle how to make it work.

In my opinion the core of the success of ASML is in the courage to collaborate in an open and even vulnerable way with her partners. This holds both for customers as suppliers and R&D partners. Accepting that only together you can make these extremely complex matters happen. You need each other to overcome obstacles. When you run into trouble, don’t see who you can blame, but solve the problem together. While everything is done to provide your customer with a good as possible solution, not only for now but also for the long term. This can only be done when you learn collectively how to deal with insecurities along the way, by trusting each other, challenging each other and using constructive debate to get better every day.

I am very curious about what the protagonists of this play have to say about it. You too? Join us and subscribe for April 14th between 13:00 and 14:00!


Success story of ASML, ZEISS and TRUMPF

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Susanne van der Velden

Programm manager Smart Industry @FME | External PhD candidate Wavelengths: unraveling the success of ASML @Tilburg University


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